I am a graphic designer for paper craft, pre-press, video post-production & web ...
I work in all kinds of visual communication, establish ideas & concepts. From scratch or bring them to their highest potential..
I have been working as a freelance for several years .
My job is; meeting the client, establish a graphic line and the goals that the client wants to reach.
From Belgium, to France, Malaysia or Thailand, I am a world worker who always wants to increase one's knowledge by working in foreign countries, cultures & market possibilities..

After completed my degree at the Royal Fine Art Academy of Brussels I was looking for a more technical vision of creation as doing a year in the Victor Horta Institute of Architecture part of the University of Brussels where I followed my learning by being teach by professional & contemporary architects. There I discovered the power of Multimedia conception & new technologies development
So I decided to push up my skills to the media like Television, cinema, draw animation, 3d conception, web & interactive platforms by doing a high-school graduate of Computer assisted design at the Saint-Luc Institute Superior Art School of Brussels.

Not enough to have a good knowledge & feeling with art, history of art; from Brugel, Modigliani to Klein or Kandinsky..
I felt into Asian culture & literature.

Based as freelance on Koh Samui, Southern Thailand.
I found in 2013 the company Versatile-Dee ; wich provide & develop made to measure project for customers.

I used to work with severals kind of materials, I have a very good aknowledgment of conception programs or platforms but I'm not restricted to those one's...
The Method is the key of success, not the tools that are use for...

Paper and pen are the basic tools of any designer, Everything start with a line on a sheet of paper. I also do ink or spray painting. From sketches to proper illustrations, space arrangement or object conception..

Good Command of Photoshop, illustrator & In design . From photo montage, compositing and matte painting, I create and design illustrations, business cards, flyers, poster, banners, flags, billboards or any kind of stationnary.

Good Command of Dreamweaver, HTML5 & CSS3, the responsive design development and a usefull knowledge of PHP & Javascript ( but I'm not a programmer; in case of; I am able to work with a programmer in order to develop databases, Business management,... )

Good command of Adobe Premiere pro and After Effect. From the montage of video shoots to a details oriented post-production...

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